About Us

Combine simplicity and elegance, with our unique Greek silver Jewelleries.

In the early 1990’s Vasilis and his wife Zanet realized they shared a passion for jewellery. In their spare time they designed and manufactured fine silver jewellery decorated with semi precious stones. Their inspiration stemmed from the unique and timeless designs of ancient Greek mythology and history.

Their goal was to share this passion with as many people as possible. What started as a hobby led to the opening of the first Kostis Jewellery store in the historic area of Plaka and more specifically on 131 Andrianou Str, underneath the Acropolis. The store was named after their son Kostis, whom they both loved very much.This significant milestone in Vasilis and Janet business life, made them place greater emphasis on manufacturing jewellery with elegant and lasting designs, that would stand the test of time.

With customers from all over the world and with growing demand, they partnered with skilled silversmiths and young designers, to open workshops in Northern Greece, where all the jewellery would be manufactured. Fresh designs were added to the collection and they experimented with new gemstones, such as red coral, blue and white opal, marcasite etc. Again their designs reflected the ancient Greek heritage along with the natural beauty of Greece.In late 2014 Vasilis and Zanet open the second Kostis Jewellery store on 115 Andrianou Str, again in the gorgeous area of Plaka.

Their son, Kostis, driven by the same passion his parents had, decides to open an online shop selling the jewellery collection all around the world. He recognized that the company over the years had an increased demand for selling Kostis Jewellery collections to their loyal customers, from all around the world, who were unable to visit the country regularly. This realization led him in the accomplishment of his first goal, evolving and expanding the company that his parents started 15 years ago.His vision? To offer the finest quality of sterling silver jewellery to his international customers at competitive prices.
Each piece of the Kostis Jewellery Collection is manufactured with the sole purpose of making the person wearing it feel special. Kostis Giannopoulos’ dream is to expand the Kostis Jewellery business, by increasing their offline presence to other parts of Greece and to major European Cities.